What kinds of books do you sell?

The short answer is... many kinds! See the About page for a snazzy blurb which might give you a glimpse of our book holdings. We have fiction, nonfiction (memoir, philosophy, theory, politics), poetry, children’s books, art books, cookbooks, sci-fi, fantasy, graphic novels, strange and wonderful ephemera, and more. We have many contemporary books, as well as those considered “classics” or canonical. We also aim to “complete the canon,” in Felicia Rose Chavez’s words, with a curation that intentionally includes and incorporates writers traditionally marginalized by mainstream literature (BIPOC, queer, etc.). Come visit us and find out for yourself :-)

Do you sell new books?

Currently we only sell used books. Down the road, we hope to sell some new books. We'll be sure to update our friends & followers when that happens.

Can you order a (new) book for me?

Not quite yet, since we’ll be working on getting our systems up and running smoothly this fall. But please ask us in the new year! Once we have the capacity, we would be happy to order in a book for you. We get you the book you want, and you support a local indie bookstore instead of ordering online, so it’s a win-win.

How will you do business in a way that benefits the community?

We have many ideas on how our business can contribute to our beloved neighbourhood, and more broadly, to work towards social good. While these are still being solidified and may not all be possible right from the get go, we include some here to be transparent about our commitment.


✦ Suspended book program: This is inspired by the Italian caffè sospeso model, where customers of a café can anonymously buy a coffee in advance for someone who can’t afford it. But with books, instead of coffee!

✦ Shelf back program: In recognition that we live and do business on Native land, we plan to have a designated store space to host work by Indigenous artisans (ex. beading), at no cost. We’re working out the details of this idea in relationship with some wise friends, and will release more information when things are formalized.  


✦ Teach-ins, readings and events: Our dream for the bookstore is for it to become a thriving community hub, where we can host readings, teach-ins, and panels that reflect the bookstore’s ethos, our vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood, and annual events like Lunar New Year, Black History Month, and Pride. Plus, of course, spotlighting local literary Edmontonians.

✦ Book drives and creative writing workshops: We plan to run book drives and host creative writing workshops (onsite or remotely) in partnership with community organizations serving houseless and/or low-income folks in our area. 

✦ Redistribution: We plan to donate a portion of store profits to local community organizations doing important work in our area, with a focus on grassroots and Indigenous-led initiatives.

We welcome your ideas too! If you’re connected to the neighbourhood, a local organizing group, community organization or nonprofit, please get in touch using the Contact page or by emailing us at paperbirchbooksyeg@gmail.com.

Will you buy books from me for the bookstore?

Yes, we are now buying books. Please see our store policies for more information on book buying.

Can you sell my book on consignment?

Very likely! We love supporting local and DIY writers, self-published or otherwise. Bring in your book, zine, or chapbook and we’ll review it to see if it’s a good fit for our bookstore. If we decide to take it, we can sell your book using the standard bookstore consignment rate of 40%. This means that for any of your books that sell, you get 60% of the listed price.

Still got burning questions? Contact us here.