Store Policies

Sales & Exchanges

Every used book is unique and comes with varying degrees of well-wornness (just imagine the journey it took to get to you!). Hence, all sales are final. Of course, we want you to be completely and inordinately happy with the books you buy from us, so if there’s any reason for disappointment please come by so we can figure out a solution. Likewise, we don’t currently do exchanges, but if a sad book circumstance arises (ie. you bought a book as a gift and the recipient already has that exact book), please visit us and we’ll work something out in person.


We can hold books for one day, on request. After that, if you don’t come by or get in touch, the book will return to the shelves so it’s available to others.

Buying Books

No drop-offs at the store without prior arrangement, please. We are a small space bursting at the seams with books, and we buy books very selectively. If you have books you would like to sell, get in touch with us via email with photos or a list of titles, and we will let you know which ones you can bring in for our review. Please allow at least a week for our response; we're a two-person operation!

Generally we pay up to 30% of our selling price, or up to 35% in store credit. When buying books, we take the following into consideration: condition, demand, rarity, and so forth. We do not generally buy textbooks, anthologies, reference books, magazines, or popular fiction (ex. authors like Danielle Steel, Clive Cussler, or Dan Brown). More information on our criteria coming soon!

We also offer house calls for large collections. Email us with some information about what kind of books you have, and we'll make arrangements.

Book Donations

We do accept book donations. If you’re donating for the first time, we ask that you get in touch with us first. We will pass on whatever books we don’t take to the Bissell Centre thrift store or little free libraries. Examples of donations we can’t accept: National Geographic magazines, severely damaged books, Reader’s Digest books, reference books, most atlases, and travel guide books. If you’re unsure, please check in with us.


We host an eclectic collection of work by local and/or neighbourhood-based writers, artists, and illustrators on consignment. Our consignment rate is 40% to the bookstore and 60% to the writer/artist. We generally notify consignors every month or so with sales updates. Currently we are not taking new consignors.


While we have no control over what customers do with books after they buy them, we ask kindly that if you are buying books with the sole purpose of reselling them at higher prices, you take your business elsewhere. We are a small family business that aims to keep book prices low and accessible to folks walking in from the neighbourhood. We also redistribute a set portion of our profits back to the neighbourhood as one way among others that our business can benefit the community. Thank you for understanding.